April 26, 2019
  They came to me,   Grandmothers whaling like our Kui   during a tangi but in a foreign tongue.   Markings adorned their chins but   symbols from distant sands,   Geomet
March 22, 2019
Life is like a rug, Intrinsically woven by hand each thread binding the wisdom of its people. Story-lines that echo through the Mountains, Rivers and the Seas.   As the melodic call to prayer eva
December 22, 2018
It’s not that were broken, It’s that were evolving at a pace  that is crushing old belief systems and upgrading our DNA. This path is deep, And the wounds we once licked are now offered u
November 26, 2018
I remember the day the earth opened up for me, breathing me into being Through a long line of women Just to create me. Where red rivers ran free carrying the dreams of a people across oceans of rich h
November 5, 2018
She speaks in tongues, folding mountains between her lips. Papatūānuku has nourished my knowing since I was in the womb of my mother. As I massaged her skin with my feet, she transmitted electromagn