January 14, 2020
She is Wind Land washing over Water, water washing overland Drifting, Water became Blood Blood became Earth Earth became Moon Chanting, blood unearthed where flames once moved Indigenous came before R
April 26, 2019
  They came to me,   Grandmothers whaling like our Kui   during a tangi but in a foreign tongue.   Markings adorned their chins but   symbols from distant sands,   Geomet
March 22, 2019
Life is like a rug, Intrinsically woven by hand each thread binding the wisdom of its people. Story-lines that echo through the Mountains, Rivers and the Seas.   As the melodic call to prayer eva
December 22, 2018
It’s not that were broken, It’s that were evolving at a pace  that is crushing old belief systems and upgrading our DNA. This path is deep, And the wounds we once licked are now offered u
November 5, 2018
She speaks in tongues, folding mountains between her lips. Papatūānuku has nourished my knowing since I was in the womb of my mother. As I massaged her skin with my feet, she transmitted electromagn