Children of the Sun

It’s not that were broken,

It’s that were evolving at a pace 

that is crushing old belief systems and

upgrading our DNA.

This path is deep,

And the wounds we once licked are now offered up as medicine.

We are not wounded,

We are Awakened.

Beach ceremony, offerings

As we move into the expanding currents of Hina we too celebrate the beat of the Sun’s drum as he dances through the southern skies. To many Maori Christmas was celebrated through the longest and warmest days of the year. Te Hikumata o Raumati – Summer Solstice was as much a pillar to traditional Maori lore as the cycles of the moon and her mapping of the seed tides, of each harvest, and every ceremony. There are three moon cycles per season, and twelve per year, each guiding us through the sequence of change, like an internal compass in which to navigate. Solstice, where the veil between worlds thin, and time stands still, when the past greets the future of renewed dreams. As we sit within the fullness of Hine Raumati, the Summer maiden, the personification of Summer herself. Indeed it is time to see the produce of ones hard earned labor come to fruition, the harvest of our planting is now upon us, the seeds in which we incubated through Takurua (Winter) are now birthed into Te Ao Marama, for the time of plenty is here. There is a frequency that is amplified within the season of Summer, this is evident in the movement within and upon the lands, the putiputi are blooming and vibrant with color, seeds are bursting forth, fruit and berries filling the puku of the winged ones, the grasses and gardens flourishing with kai, and the people are gathering to celebrate Kotahitaga, the rhythms of coming together.

Beach ceremony, offerings

To think TamanuiteRa migrated through the skies from winter to summer, slowing his footsteps to allow us time to reflect, process and then gather. I wonder if it was around this time Maui tikitiki a taranga endeavored to slow the sun, so our people could live a fuller, more nourished life. It makes sense, Maui the trickster drawing from his other-wordly powers to give back to his people, for the day is at her longest and the night at his shortest on this day December 21st of each year. And then to ponder the pathway of TamanuiteRa crossing timelines into the northern hemisphere as they move into winter solstice, where our native American relations gather to share story and ceremony which is at the heart of their traditions. The bears whom are well seasoned medicine men are beginning to hibernate in the north, as the whales migrate to birth through the pacific waters in the south. The ebb and flow of the tides, the hum and haa of the cycles, the magic and medicine of life that is all encompassing and reflective of ones internal universe when aligned with the wisdom of nature. Our Tupuna were master astronomers, scientists, strategist’s composers, poets and ceremonilist’s they didn’t forge the path of greatness for us not to honor their ways, they didn’t compose ritual for us not to recite, they navigated seas mapping the stars, they traced trails barefoot collecting a data deeper than science for us to remember how far we’ve traveled and how magnificent we truly are. It is in these rhythms, birthed from observation that wisdom and understanding is born, slowing oneself enough to feel the changes in and around us, to then become the changes in and around us. This is the simple alchemy of observation, this is the sacred science of our ancestors, and this is the greatness we have inherited. 

Energetic transmissions are accelerated during Summer, there is a sense of excitement, fire and creative inspiration surrounding us. I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling extra fiery this past month, and I’m dwelling within the watery womb of Neptune, yes it is the season to celebrate us hyper sensitive, naturally empathic, super physic Pisces babies. As much as i am water, it is in fact fire that sits within the birthplace of creation, the very element to transmute darkness into dancing light,which is then released as dust particles throughout the environment, upgrading every cell in our body. Summer evokes the elemental Kaitiaki that is Mahuika to come forth, as temperatures rise she fuels the fire within us as we burn away the residue of old karmic patterns. The process of evolution, changing the form of something while adapting to our environment, dissolving the toxic patterns we have inherited through birth to become greater expressions of uniqueness. And this is true, for fire gave birth to light, water gave birth to darkness, the wind gave birth to spirit, and the earth gave birth to humanity. Its just somewhere along the way, through the blurred lines of colonization the master strands of creation were manipulated, inflicting a disconnection to the ancient rituals of our Tupuna. We are so quick to adopt the traditions of the western world, we question our own purakau, disregarding the very teachings of our own sacred rituals. We are the children of the Sun, our Tupuna navigated through the pacific sea’s to plant seeds for the warriors we now breed, so during this time of festivities look to the east to honor the rising of the sun and when he fades into the depths of the night remember we are the off spring of Atua.