Kō – Kokowai Cheek & Lip Tint


Ko – Kokowai

Red ochre, oils, resins, karakia, love.

The sacred red clay in which lines the earth’s fertile soil.

To mark with intent the face and lips. The simple ritual of adorning one’s body and energy points with herbal elixirs, an ancient expression of self-love.

Te ira tangata
He wahine

The art of adornment was a sacred offering to Wahine Maori in times of old. Oils and ochres, flowers, and flax harvested at certain times of the Maramataka were used to anoint and adorn the body for ceremonies and celebrations.

A medium to commune, converse, and transport.

Limited edition miniature uku vessels are ready for pre-order, fashioned by sister Annabelle who was once my neighbour, now based in Whananaki. For immediate order, there are frosted glass pottles available as pictured above.

The vessel 30gm will last around three months if used to anoint the lips and cheeks. If you’re like me and wear little makeup, this is perfect for you. Light and radiant.

Ko is hydrating, regenerative and full of vitamin e, aiding in protecting one’s lips in the sun. Lastly, she is the most gorgeously subtle scent to adorn the wrists and neck, the earthly and musty hues of kauri & sandalwood infused with coconut are just heavenly.

Reminds me of my mama. Very proud of this divine offering, she’s been a long time coming.



  • Kokowai red ochre clay

  • Organic virgin coconut oil

  • Organic local beeswax

  • Kauri dust

  • Sandalwood

  • Vitamin e

For external use only. Do not ingest please take precaution.

My herbal offerings are 100% natural with a shelf life of 6 months. Hand crafted with whole plant medicine and cold pressed, unadulterated oils, no fillers, preservatives or chemicals are used.