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Kōtuku Earring


Kōtuku medicine, feather medicine is an ancient offering guided by the winged ones, our tuakana, the children of Tanenuiarangi. They carry the prayers from our hearts upon the winds of Tāwhirimātea back to our Tupuna. My boys and I crossed paths with a young Kōtuku manu that had, from touch just passed over. In all my years of exploring and walking these lands, I have never come across such a taonga and I have been collecting and harvesting feathers for over a decade. This was the first time iv met both ā wairua and ā tinana this Rangatira of a manu, very rarely do they show themselves, revered by chiefs in times of old. These Raukura would adorn the head and korowai of Rangatira and this manu was known to dwell within the realms of Hine Nui Te Po as they guided wairua from Te Ao Marama back to Nga Rangi tuhaha. Timely the spirit of this manu came to me, the wairua of this gentle soul was extremely peaceful, young and graceful in presence, a sacred offering of spiritual alignment, a tohu of Katiakitanga and Rangatiratanga.

I have always loved and worn feather body adornment and felt a call to collaborate and create so I harvested the back plume and most striking of feathers to make single dwelling earrings, which were then set in sterling silver by a dear brother and carver Evan Bloomfield from Teka Design, whom hand crafted each feather stem and hook with silver setting each feather beautifully. What i loved about these particular feathers was how they fell so gracefully, full at the crown and slender at the tail like that of a woman’s body. The length and colour alone are rare, the west coast dwelling earth wanderer, with a clear reminder of the need to ground, anchoring and allowing the earth to guide the subtle and complex changes in and around you yet moving fluently like water. The depth of spiritual evolution is clear when we are grounded, scattered energy distorts ones path creating blockages, grounding within our innate knowing while observing ones surroundings will guide us safely through the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Out of stock

Limited edition the first ten earrings sold at the sale price of $90 each, every earring there after is $110 all earrings are sold singularly. Feathers harvested and silver work hand crafted in Aotearoa. These taonga will be ready for delivery on December 20th 2018.


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