Mareikura Shimmering Body Oil


She is inspired by Ancient Egypt and the primordial landscape of North Africa. She is in part my connection to the light, a distant memory of the cosmos, bottled light codes that shine like the shimmering sands of Hine Oneone. She embodies the Melanin of brown skin and the golden dew of timeless existence. An anointing oil that transcends the mother, reaching deep into the Archetype of the Goddess.

Mareikura is a supernatural being of the Divine Feminine. She balances vanity with wisdom, which has both been acknowledged by women since the beginning of time. To adorn oneself with the dew extracted from plant matter, alchemically activated by the frequency of Hine Nui te Ra (the Sun) is to adorn the body with the universe itself. Every mother, sister, and daughter need to be reminded of their intuit connection to the mystery of the Universe. For the wild, elemental creatress is hidden within us all.

Liquid Gold, Mareikura is crafted by hand blending Golden Tainui (Kumarahou), kukui nut, sea buckthorn oil, rose, and absolute jasmine. This weaving was inspired upon my return from Morocco as a sacred offering to self, a bronzing body oil that shimmers when reflected in the sun, she is as medicinal as she is beautiful. Kumarahou has long been used by Maori for its properties to heal the body and skin complaints, eczema, and inflammation. Her gift to restore what was once malnourished is deeply acknowledged through her gentle yet powerful healing properties.

Kukui nut oil has long been used by ancient Hawaiians during rites of divination. It is a hydrophobic oil which is known to absorb without a trace, boosting collagen and stimulating new cell growth, this oil is wonderful for stretch marks and helps to reduce scarring over time. Kukui is high in antioxidants and Vit A, C, and E help to moisturize without leaving it greasy.

Sea buckthorn oil is considered the holy fruit of the Himalayas and has been used for generations for a myriad of healing purposes, both internally and externally. With a function to assist acne, aging, dry skin, sunburn and wounds. Rich in antioxidants the golden color extracted from the berries is a natural pigment used to nourish and protect the skin.

Gently shake before each application, anointing the body evenly. For best results apply a few layers upon dry skin and shimmer away in dancing Sun.


  • Kumarahou (Pomaderris Kumaraho)

  • Kukui Nut Oil

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil

  • Jasmine infused Oil,

  • Calendula Extract

  • Lavender Extract

  • Rose Petals

  • Essential Oils of Sandalwood & Dragons Blood

  • 100% Natural Ingredients hand crafted in Aotearoa

My herbal offerings are 100% natural with a shelf life of 6 months. Hand crafted with whole plant medicine and cold pressed, unadulterated oils, no fillers, preservatives or chemicals are used.