Mareikura Wāhine Activations – Abel Tasman


Friday 6th – 8th March 2020 | Marahau  | Abel Tasman  | Te Wai Pounamu (South Island) | New Zealand

Kua tai mai te Ao
Te rerenga o te AIO

We will gather within the wahi of Te Tai o Aorere, Te Wai Pounamu for an intimate gathering of deep transformation. Learn to develop your Inuit gift to communicate with the land and its plants. Activate your understanding of basic Rongoa Rakau (plant medicine) and learn to read the spirit of the plants as they teach you directly. Immerse yourself in the sacred principles of te ira wahine, the divine feminine. Journey through plant alchemy, quest into Bird lore and explore the hidden passages of Papatuanuku. Transformation awaits.

Let there be song to welcome the morning sun, moons to press upon the night, and stars to bring beauty to indigo skies. Mountains to hold the birthing stones, and waters to cleanse tattoed bones. Let there be communion with the trees, and conversation with the birds and seeds. Let the dance of the feminine play and weave. Softening and opening to hidden mysteries. Let the birthing of the new dawn welcome the Goddess of divine light. Let there be power in one’s conviction and compassion in one’s heart.

There was a time when we looked to Nature to guide our every wisdom when the seasons shifted and we shifted with them when wisdom was passed on from generation to generation. A time where medicine women would guide the rites of divination. A time of intuitive interpretation, where the cycles of a woman’s womb were gently sung into creation. Sacred passages were shared around fires and women sung and danced in celebration. Bodies were treated with plant medicine and clays adorned the foreheads upon sacred Initiation.

Reclaiming one’s power is as simple as following intuition to a Mountain to cleanse, it is a prompting from spirit that guides one to the other side of the world. To dissolve fear and trust the multi-verse is here to propel you into higher states of awareness and knowing. If only you listen. We are sitting in the navel of human ascension and now is the time to be honoring the call of the Ancient ones. Your Ancestors are waiting.

Our intention is to hold space for you to receive the teachings you need to assist your self-healing journey. To activate your subconscious in which will propel you to step up into your Mana. Energetic healing is found in the simple wisdom of culture and ceremony, storytelling and incantation. Stripping back the distorted illusion that has conditioned the being to think, feel and see through a colonial lens.

Te Tapu o te Ao kei a koe
Te Tapu o te Whenua kei a koe
Te Tapu o te Mareikura kei a koe

A safe and empowering space to move through and activate one’s consciousness to understand the nature of communication more while connecting to the environment around us. Papatuanuku. We will journey into the internal landscape of the whare tangata with plant allies as we honor cosmological creation stories, held by the Ancient Healing Waters of Te Wai Pounamu. A two-day immersive wananga guided by myself and Charlotte Manawanui from Mamatuanuku.

Two Nights Accommodation at a private residence
Organic plant-based meals prepared on-site
Ancestral Healing
Active Meditation
Womb Healing
Rongoa Maori
Dance Ritual
Bird lore

This wānanga is open to twelve wahine only please email me directly for any queries

REFUND POLICY – In the case of you needing to cancel:
80% of ticket price will be refunded up to 6 weeks before
50% of ticket price refunded up to 4 weeks before
25% of ticket price refunded up to 2 weeks before
0% of ticket price within two weeks of the event


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