Wairua Body & Aura Mist


Pouri is to grieve, to process and release trauma while transmuting dark emotion held at a spiritual level. Wairua honors the waters of the body, both externally and internally. Obsidian activated alkaline water carries the vibration to protect and heal, this sacred elixir hydrates the skin locking in moisture when sprayed directly onto the face or body, while uplifting the wairua. Woven wisdom’s of Ruru medicine guides one safely through the shadow lands of self while releasing unwanted energy. This medicinal spray is an ethereal elixir used as a daily ritual to honor the process of letting go.

Obsidian has long been used by Wahine Maori to transmute dark energies while grieving a passed loved one, to create a clear passage for healing. This ancient volcanic glass can be traced to the molten lava of Aotearoa, all the way back to Tutu Pele the sacred fires of all creation. Obsidian protects while opening space for dark matter that needs processing, in a sense transmuting trauma or poison into healing and medicine. I bind the ritual of making this particular rongoa with Ruru medicine as he guides one safely through the shadow lands of self, assisting one with precision and knowing, the one who sees clearly in the dark. Spray over and above the body to uplift ones energy field, clear the home purifying ones aura and sacred space, adorn to open pathways, during ritual or gatherings to protect from imposing energies



  • Essences of Purple Koromiko (Hebe speciosa)

  • Black Mamaku (Cyathea medullaris)

  • Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium)

  • Activated Rain Water

  • Obsidian Infused

  • Essential Oils of Cypress, Cedarwood, Lavender and Jasmine

  • 100% Natural hand crafted in Aotearoa

My herbal offerings are 100% natural with a shelf life of 6 months. Hand crafted with whole plant medicine and cold pressed, unadulterated oils, no fillers, preservatives or chemicals are used.