Te Hikumata o Raumati

She is Wind
Land washing over
Mountains, concealed 
Subterranean Sands

Water became Blood
Blood became Earth
Earth became the Moon

Chanting, blood unearthed
where flames once moved

Indigenous came before Religious like ritual came before scripture. Like the earth before us, the sacred is found hidden within the womb of a woman.

It is said the first Karanga was birthed through the Ancient passages of Hineahuone, earth formed woman. This story breathes life into the alchemical clays of Te Uha found at the naval of Kurawaka the Birthplace of Humanity.

Tane Mahuta may have fashioned the first woman with his godly hands, but it was, in essence, the Ancient Mareikura energies that nourished the soil in preparation for Hineahuone’s birth.

Like a Grandmother taking her final breaths, before her ascension back to the Stars. Burying her Mana in the memory of her Mokopuna. The universal weaving of whakapapa tying each thread like a spider spinning her web.

She was always there, for the Wheuna is imbued with her Ahi, like Tutu Pele Deep within the Subterranean Clays of Creation. Like the Deep Darkness of incubation, the long night of isolation. She was always there.



Te Hikumata o Raumati – Summer Solstice 2019 – Te Toiroa – Matapouri – Aotearoa

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