Hina weaves the ancestral teachings of my people, drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Papatuanuku – the physical personification of Earth Mother, and Hinateiwaiwa the spiritual personification of Great Grandmother Moon and keeper of sacred lore around woman’s cycles, among many others. This is a space intended to serve as a daily ritual to nourish the wairua, tinana, and hinengaro, braided with poetic vision that is rooted in intuitive service, integrating earth medicine as a pillar to direct my actions out into the world. It is a shrine to share my ancestral blends of sacred oils and elixirs, and a body of visual beauty and thought-to provoke whakaaro to serve as a vessel to evoke, educate and empower change.

House of Hina is an extension of my whare, and the pou to my home is not only the bones that shield us from the elements but my sons on either side of me. This space is woven with words, prayer, medicine, and offerings that have been handed down by my ancestors, gifted in circle, and explored and conceived through many years of internal wananga. After fives years of nomadic living, over 60,000 kilometres of sacred exploration from the top of Te Ika a Maui, to the bottom of Te Wai Pounamu, to Hawaii and back it is time my stories and creations are expressed through a new channel and it is paramount this channel remains clear so the messages received are then passed on unfiltered, in their purest form.

Exploring wahi tapu and the ever-changing ecosystems of Aotearoa activated within me ancient trails. I have woven traditional plant wisdom, Te Ao Maori worldviews and my ideologies as a mother, artist, and healer. I am studying the arts of Romiromi and Theta healing while weaving intuitive gifts to serve my community deeper. My passion to honor the wisdom of the old ones has always lead me through the fires of self-realization and transformation. Grounding in this space opens me up to share experiences and methodologies on a deeper level while nurturing my creative and intuitive gifts.

I am moved to evoke reflection and deepen connection within my wider community in a time of rapid human evolution and ecological purification. Indeed this is an alter to nourish, weave and pass on the gifts and teachings, that have been passed onto me. We live in a world that is obsessed with the idea of authority, a culture that is rooted in the need to be acknowledged and given permission to practice or share one’s gifts. We inherit gifts, but they are born to be passed on freely, for their medicine is activated within their movement, as they dance from breath to breathe. I have always been a free thinker, a dreamer, and a poet, dancing my way through a world built upon half-truths.

Learning within the paradigms of my elders and in sacred space has reinforced the lore of nature that has always been internal, as much as they are external. I come from a people that are learned masters in oratory, our matauranga has always been handed down through wananga and oral transmission; I speak an unwritten language of instinctual knowing, which activates and honours ones direct connection to source. The only authority I need to share my sacred offerings is that of Papatuanuku, the Plants and Nga Atua, with my Tipuna guiding my every step.

Rongoā Māori is the traditional healing system of my people, weaving ancient wisdom based upon the cycles of Hina, Indigenous plant wisdom, herbal remedies, physical treatments such as romiromi and spiritual healing. Every footstep is a prayer, every word an offering, every trail traced brings me closer to Atua, for I stand alongside many of my people that are contributing to the collective ascension of Paptuanuku and Humanity as a whole. It is my responsibility to honour this calling, as a mother and healer, these seeds I plant for my sons.

Supporting and growing within my community is at the heart of my ethos, fifty percent of my rongoa is organic and sourced here at home, my oils, packaging, and contributors are all based in Aotearoa in an effort to honour fellow creators and small businesses that are on a path of shared vision, thus we can grow together and deepen our community.